Melania Trump’s White House Portrait Missed This One Small Detail

Melania Trump

The first lady’s official White House portrait was unveiled on Monday, showing the 46-year-old former model posing in front of the White House.

It seems like a nice enough photograph, except in the official release statement, the backdrop for the portrait is referred to as Melania Trump’s “new residence.”


You see, included in the various controversial aspects of Donald Trump’s presidency is the fact that the first lady and Trump’s youngest son, Barron, don’t actually live in the White House. Instead, the two have decided to remain in New York until Barron finishes school.

Though it was recently reported that Melania and Barron would be moving to D.C. in June, the first lady doesn’t technically live in the White House yet, so her portrait beat her to it.

The photograph — which accompanies the first lady’s official biography page on the White House website — features Melania sporting a black suit jacket with her arms folded and some serious airbrushing.

Naturally, some found it comical that the only Melania in the White House is a portrait.


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