Memes That Have Sold as NFTs

memes sold as nfts

A digital gold rush is underway.

Not so long ago that your normal person had no clue what an NFT was. But now, they’re making headlines for selling for hundreds of thousands of bucks. Predictably, people are learning about NFTs super fast.

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a type of cryptocurrency where you own a unique digital object. Think of it sort of like digital art. So, people have paid lots of cash for classic memes — effectively the foundational works of digital art.

“It’s been really fascinating to watch how this gold rush has happened,” Don Caldwell, editor-in-chief of the meme website Know Your Meme told NBC News. “As far as it goes with becoming a meme, it’s very difficult to monetize that. We’ve spoken to numerous people who have become memes and have had a lot of difficultly making money off their creations.”

Here are some of the classic memes that sold for really big monry.


Bad Luck Brian

Better luck for Brian with this sale.

2. Disaster Girl

Zoë Roth, who is best known as Disaster Girl, raked in $500,000 in Ethereum when she sold her famous image — where she’s eying a camera as a house burns — as an NFT in May 2021.

Mashable Image

3. Doge

Doge is now well known and everyone knows about it. The coin is going to the moon. And the NFT traded for an Enormous chunk of change. In June 2021, it sold for a record-breaking $4 million worth of Ethereum.

The simple picture of a Shiba Inu named “Kabosu” was taken back in 2010. It has since spread all over the world.


4. Charlie Bit My Finger

The YouTube clip was one of the original viral videos some 14 years ago. An NFT of the video sold for $760,999 in May and the video has now left YouTube for good.

5. Overly Attached Girlfriend

That meme of the girl apparently dying for your love sold for $411,000 in Ethereum in April. Laina Morris, the face behind the meme.

A real yikes outfit.

6. Scumbag Steve

The badly dressed, 1,000-yard stare meme from many moons ago sold for about $57,000 in March.

Talk about a big success.

7. Success Kid

I’m sure you know this one. The fist-pumping toddler who was very famous as an early meme about like…getting fries at the bottom of a takeout bag? That sold for 15 Ethereum, which is now worth $32,355.75, Now that is really successful kid.

8. Leave Brittany Alone

Chris Crocker made internet history by supporting Britney Spears in a viral video back in 2007. Now that video is sold for about $41,000 in April.

This sucker cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

9. Nyan Cat

A flying, rainbow, Pop Tart cat meme sold for $590,000. The world we live in is unbelievable.

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