Memories are forever

In the many events of our life, we sometimes forget the moments of laughter and fun shared with friends or family or our extended family members. Life runs in phases, here we are living with our parents, then we are lost in our friends, then life changes forever when we meet that someone special. Life takes a different course once we decide about our life partner; the couple is lost in a different world, where no one and nothing exists beyond them.

Most of conflicts and tensions are due to language. Don’t pay so much attention to the words. In love’s country, language doesn’t have its place. Love is mute.

The beauty and the warmth that one feels in each other’s company is beyond imagination but the reality cannot be denied. Love blooms as our relationship matures, yet in the process of maturing, we somewhere get too busy with our routine life and daily chores. Our feelings and affection for our spouse get lost and is boxed. This is the time, when we need to be reminded of those hidden emotions and undying love that we share for one another.

Memories rekindle the love that one felt at the time of courting and during first couple of years of married life. As individuals, we need assurance that the other person is still in love with us and can feel the same passion as before. This is one of the most beautiful and an essential reason for creating memories which we can do in several ways…

  • Write diary, it is your best friend which keeps your feelings safe and secured. When in doubt about self, read those words and bring alive those treasured thoughts and emotions. These will surely bring you two close to one another. Always scribble the moments of happiness and laughter because they get buried very easily.
  • Second and the most trusted way of bringing back memories is frame them. Choose the best among the wedding photographers of Dubbo and save those wedding memories. Frame a picture which is natural, speaks a volume about you and your love for one another. Look at it every day and joys of togetherness will die out.
  • Memories are fuel for the fact that we are together and happy, so keep a moment aside from your day when you can share those days which are gone and become a part of you forever.

Memories are forever and they are best truth of our life, when in doubt or when missing someone, they can help you in clearing confusion and other fill in for those who are not around. For me, photos have been a good companion, whenever I travel; I carry a picture of those who helped me be me. They are my strength, my courage and my confidence; it is for them that I live and love being a part of this beautiful world.

Love is always fresh.

Till few years back, I wondered why people treasure memories and what purpose will it serve? Will they ever go back and turn the pages to get a decent look of the days when nothing made more sense than being with each other.

But, my perception changed when a couple of days back, I had a really ugly fight with my husband. My trust was lost and I felt everything was over…Jumping on conclusions is very easy and I was doing exactly that, when suddenly my eye fell on our wedding photo, a very casual look just before we were about to take vows.

Bio: Lauren Anne, who is popular for her wedding photography, has now extended her portfolio and takes portraits as well. She takes photos of people who are shy and are hesitant to come forward.

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