The Memory Crystals From The SUPERMAN Are Now a Reality

The Memory Crystals From The SUPERMAN

Scientists have perfected the memory crystals from the Superman and make them a reality in a very impressive way. The Creators Project writes that researchers at The University of Southampton’s Optoelectronics Research Center have created 5D crystal storage.

These cylindrical discs are capable of storing 360 TB (1 TB=500 hours of film) for about 13 billion years at 130 degrees Celsius (233 degrees F). That’s longer than our sun has to live!

This means humanity will be able to store data indefinitely for future generations, for travel to other planets, even to reopen Steven Avery’s case.

This technology is monumental and I can only imagine if there is anything which science can’t come to life from the movies. Power comes with great responsibility, Don’t use it to store porn in them.

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