The Bad-Ass ‘Breaking Bad’ Version Of Monopoly

This is the best board game ever!

 If you are a fan of the show ‘Breaking Bad’ Then it’s the one for you. Just the fan of the show, not its contents because then you won’t be enjoying anything at all if you know what I mean.

methology breaking bad board game

It’s Methopoly, the Classic Parker Brothers board game with a twist: The goal is to become Heisenberg, run your own Meth empire, and dissolve all your opponents in Hydrofluoric Acid. FUN. Joanne Silverman designed the board and used the experiment as an excuse to learn Photoshop. It has all your favorite properties: Tuco’s Shack, Hector’s Nursing Home, Old Joe’s Junkyard, Vamoon’s Pest Control, Madrigal Electromotive, and, of course, Los Pollos Hermanos. Best of all, like Lostopoloy, you can download the whole game for free, and it even has player cards so you can be Skylar or Walter or Gus.

* Meth not included.
We know you like to read the small lines.


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