Michael Jackson and Stan Lee Join Forces in The 90s To Buy Marvel Comics


Check out this fun fact! Long before Disney bought Marvel in 2009, Michael Jackson and Stan Lee teamed up to try and buy it!

Apparently Michael Jackson was a tremendous Spider-Man fan. He was such a huge fan that he really wanted to make a Spider-Man movie and take on the lead role as the Spider-Man.

Stan Lee has said in an interview that Jackson approached him about buying the rights to Spider-Man, but when Lee told Jackson he would have talked to Marvel about it, the story goes that Jackson thought to buy Marvel!

Popcorned Planet recently spoke with Jackson’s nephew Taj, and he verified the story that Jackson actually did enter into a genuine attempt to acquire Marvel Comics! He says that Jackson had explicitly mentioned the plan to him, but clearly, nothing ever came of it. Taj said:

“It was Marvel and I remember that. I remember being with my brothers and him talking about purchasing Marvel. He wanted to do that with Stan Lee. They had been talking and discussing that. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, I think they were shut down from doing that. I don’t know the reasons why but they were adamantly in the process of doing that.”


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