Michael Keaton’s ‘Batman Returns’ Suit Sold at Insane Price

Batman Returns

Reported by EW.com, the outfit worn by Keaton in Batman Returns was sold yesterday via Nate D. Sanders Auctions in Los Angeles, Winning bidder got the prized piece of memorabilia for $41,250.

That’s a considerable amount of money for the item in question, given that Keaton himself was barely able to move in the costume during filming of Tim Burton’s two Batman installments. Thanks to a rubber design that made turning his head exceedingly difficult during the original Batman, Keaton said about the suit:

“I’m very claustrophobic, and we didn’t even know that the suit was going to work at all until literally, like, I think hours before we were about to start shooting the suit. … So when we got in [the suit], I went, ‘Oh, I’m in trouble. Because you couldn’t get out of it; the second one, you could kind of get out of, but this thing was wrapped [around me], and it didn’t totally work. … This whole thing [where I moved my whole body like a statue] came out of — I mean, I’ll take some credit for it, but really, it was practical!”

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