Microsoft Surface Is A Must-Have: Pick The Best Product for Your Workplace

Microsoft touchscreen

There’s no doubt in asserting that productivity is the key to success for any business. It would be best if you had plenty of things in their right proportion to increase productivity in the workplace. Using efficient devices is the most crucial factor in making things seamless. Over the years, Microsoft Surface has emerged as the perfect solution for all the sharing and collaborative tasks in the companies. No doubt that sales of Surface have increased by 21% by the last quarter, as companies have started working from home. It is the perfect addition to a business looking for a versatile office device.


What is Microsoft Surface?

It is a range of Microsoft touchscreen interactive whiteboards and portable desktops. Surface works both like a laptop and tablet according to your preference. Built with Windows operating systems, Surface makes the best devices for the workplace. You can easily detach the keyboard from the laptop and use it as a laptop. The surface also supports over 100,000 apps, including Office 365. There’s no valid reason for not choosing this Microsoft solution to increase productivity in your workplace.


Pick The Ideal Microsoft Surface That Suits Your Requirements

Microsoft Surface has different variants that you can choose from. Whether you need a cost-effective, efficient, or travel-friendly device, Surface has a product to meet your requirements.

Here is a quick review of four significant pillars of the Surface brand:


Surface Go

The most affordable product in the range is Surface Go. It is a small and lightweight version with 10 inches screen and weighs just over a pound. Though it has lesser computing power and battery life compared to other Surface products, Surface Go is still the most preferred. You can go for it if you are looking for a portable device at an affordable price.


Surface Laptop 3

It is a complete laptop that is larger in size and less in flexibility than the Surface Go. However, compared to the higher version, Laptop 3 is packed with plenty of capabilities at a reasonable price. The slim & lightweight built and affordability makes it a desirable product in the market.


Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2 offers a wide range of advanced and versatile features that give a cut-throat competition to the Macbook Pro. The longer battery life and enhanced performance are certainly a great catch. You can easily convert the laptop to a large tablet.


Surface Pro 7

The much-loved product from the Surface series is Surface Pro 7. It is a hybrid of a notebook that becomes a laptop and tablet. For its size and incredible performance, Pro 7 is unbelievably cost-effective. You can avail plenty of innovative features like a surface pen, face recognition, kickstand, etc.


Microsoft Surface is all that your workplace needs to get things done. These were the best products from each series of Microsoft Surface. It depends on you to weigh each product’s features and capabilities and choose the best that goes along with your requirements.


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