Mid-Air Fight Nearly Causes Plane To Make Emergency Landing

Mid-Air Fight Nearly Causes Plane To Make Emergency Landing

Two women reportedly complained to another passenger, Chan Juan Sung, that her baby was making too much noise, and that she should do something about it. Chan shouted back, and at one point, the two other women — who were sitting in front of Chan — responded by reclining their seats all the way back.

Soon, the fight on Air China Flight 433 from Chongqing to Hong Kong escalated Thursday to the point where the pilot reportedly threatened to land the plane.

Xiong Wan, 45, witnessed the entire scene, according to Daily Mail Online.

“I was sitting right next to them when they started telling the woman to shut the baby up,” she reportedly said. “She started shouting back at them, and before I knew what was happening she leant over the seat, and punched one of them … They were fighting, the baby was now screaming and other passengers were shouting.”

“Passengers cannot behave like this. Each and everyone must adhere to aviation laws to ensure a safe and comfortable flight for all,” Air China spokesperson Daio Weimin reportedly said.

Flight 433 landed on time, at 10:51 a.m., local time, according to FlightAware. Upon arrival at the airport, Hong Kong police reportedly intervened. It is not clear if there were arrests.

The incident is the latest of a series of incidents in which misbehaving passengers have caused problems on flights.

Chinese President Xi Jinping said in September that tourists from the country should improve their behavior when traveling abroad. However, bad behavior has not been limited to any one country, so perhaps all travelers should heed his advice.

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