Milla Jovovich Leads The Order of the Phantom Knighthood in THE ROOKIES Trailer

Milla Jovovich

Lady Wick meets James bond in this new movie from Shout! Studios, and today they have released an explosive new trailer for a new Milla Jovovich action thriller which is called The Rookies. This looks like a strange movie and it’s called an “exhilarating, high-tech action epic” about an “extreme sports enthusiast who joins an elite group of special agents after accidentally getting involved in an illegal trade deal.” By the looks of it, Lady Wick is unleashed onto the world with James Bond’s gadgets.

Daredevil and extreme sport lover Zhao Feng (Wang) has always lived life on the edge. But when he gets caught up in an illegal trade scheme, he realized he is in way over his head. When he crosses paths with deadly and mysterious Special Agent Bruce (Jovovich), she recruits him into the shadowy Order of the Phantom Knighthood, which is dedicated to fighting evil in all its manifestations. Fleshed out by a scrappy police officer, a scientist and an unemployed doctor, this ragtag outfit becomes the Order’s newest and most unlikely crime-fighting unit. Led by Agent Bruce, these four rookies are charged with defeating die-hard terrorists in this action-packed adventure.

The movie is packed with bonkers over-the-top action that is done on the budget. Then for some reason, Jovovich is using a rough whispering voice for her role. The quality of the trailer looks weird and it seems like a movie made on a budget, there is something off about this movie but I’m sure some people will going to love all the over-the-top action.

The Rookies will be hit the select theaters and On Demand Everywhere on April 16.

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