Millions Watched When “Fortnite” Blow Up Its Map, And Closed Its Doors


Millions of gamers watched when online game Fortnite blow up its map then decay to a black hole in a live event on Sunday.

More than 5.5 million people watched the event, it was called “The End,” on YouTube and Twitch. Millions then stayed glued to their screens for another hour to see all that remained of the game, in the end, it was just a black hole.

The game was in its 10th season, and each has brought changes.

A countdown had lead up to Sunday’s event, which some people suspected would lead to the official start of Season 11. An apparently leaked image on the Italian version of the App Store also proposed a new map was coming as part of something called Chapter 2. But no one knows when exactly the game will be back, or what it will look like or it will be back at all.

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