Mind Boggling Dioramas of Satoshi Araki


Incredible Japanese artist Satoshi Araki builds amazing dioramas with astonishing levels of detail in his projects. You can look at these images for hours just to see the detail on them. From the rust on a car to the litter on a street, the level of realism in each of his artworks forces viewers to really examine his works. Araki’s dioramas are most striking when he captures the effects of aging in his scenes.

satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-17 satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-1 satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-12 satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-19satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-7satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-18satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-20satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-181satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-22satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-13satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-21satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-14satoshi-araki-dioramas-artist-10


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