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After the release of Despicable Me 2, a lot of us wondering about the language of the minions and if we can just translate it, Well Google Translate is useless I can tell you that so here we have our own version of Minions Banana Language Translator, with the help of our community of course. Tulalillo Ti Amo.


Gru who is an ex-supervillain in the movie is trying to adjust to family life with his 3 little girls and building up an honest jam business, But far away in a secret Arctic laboratory is stolen and it is a gadget of wonder or a gadget from the movie Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. The Anti-Villain League decides it needs an insider’s help to catch the thief so they recruit Gru in the investigation.

Together with the eccentric AVL agent, Lucy Wilde, and what a character she is, Gru concludes that his prime suspect is the presumed dead supervillain, El Macho, whose teenage son is also making the moves on his eldest daughter, Margo. If you have seen the movie then you must love the dance Gru did at the Cinco de Mayo party at El Macho’s house.

He was overprotective of his children and his growing mutual attraction to Lucy, Gru seems on the wrong track even as his minions are being quietly kidnapped en masse for some evil purpose, and what a lovely evil purpose was it. It was like Smurfs on Asteroids.

Minions Movie Update:

Directors of the Minions movie Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda recently talked about the movie and about the Minion language, with their imagination and some research they are able to collect words from all the world and from all languages and used them to create the Minions’ own unique way of speaking, which is a language now in its own right and loved by millions, It is the most fun-sounding language ever.

Pierre Coffin

In another interview, directors said that they imagined the Minions as being able to work for supervillains all around the world and not just normal kind of supervillains but the Bond level of super villains, so that gives them global appeal and make them attractive to everyone and how spot-on they were, they truly created something wonderful from the color to their bodies and to their language, Minions are loved all over the world and not just by their beloved evil master.

Directors explained the origins of Minion language:

“We sort of established that these guys have been around, like, forever, serving masters all over the world and it gave us some sort of license to pick words here and there … Funny words, like in the Korean language, Chinese, Italian and Japanese language and mix everything up to make this very special language, It is called the Banana Language!”

Despicable Me was directed by Chris Renaud, it was the first movie which introduced the world to the Minions and the world was the same since then, Chris Renaud recorded most of the language and it was because of his hard work and experimenting with various foreign words that the language sounds so amusing and authentic in the movie.


Now, Prepare yourself to brush up on your language skills and dive into the world of the banana zone. Here are words that we collected over the years and keep the post updated for you to start speaking like a Minion in no time!

Kiss Kiss / Muak Muak Muak

What / Po ka

For You / Para Tu

To Infinity And Beyond! / bu ta na ma ka

Thank You ! / Tank Yu!

We Love You ! / Tulaliloo ti amo

I Hate You ! / Tatata Bala Tu

I’m sorry / Bi Do



Toy / Baboi

Bottom / Buttom

Apple / Bable

Ass / Butt

One / Hana

Two / Dul

Three / Sae

Chair / Chasy

Marriage / La Boda

Banana / Nanna

I’m Hungry ! / Me want banana

Cheers / Kampai

Ugly! / Bananonina

I swear / Underwear

look at you / luk at tu

Matoka / Hunger/empty tummy

Me want banana! / I’m hungry!

Bananonina! / Ugly!

Underwear / I swear

Baboi / Toy

Po ka / What

Bable  / Apple

Gelato / Ice cream

Butt / Butt

Hana / One

Dul  / Two

Sae / Three

Para tu / For you

Chasy / Chair

Pwede na / Can we start?

Stupa! Stupa! / Stop! Stop!

Sa la ka! / How dare you!

You can find translations of certain Minionese words in Google Translator:

  • “Baboi” means ”toy.”
  • “Bi-do” means ”I’m sorry.”
  • “Para tú” means roughly “for you.”
  • “La boda” means “marriage.”

The Minions also mix in English words including and not just oriental languages “OK,” “potato,”  “idiot.” and “What?”

Best Buy designed an app for Despicable Me 2 claims to translate the Minions’ scene during the closing credits.

Minions were saying things like:

“You’re going down, skinny boy.”

“In your face! I can hear Twilight in the next theater. Team Jacob rules!”

“Sir, you’ve made a mockery of our noble contest.”

A fan or budding linguist will match the translation to the words the Minions are saying in the movie and find patterns and meanings the directors themselves didn’t even know were there in the movie, this is some devoted fan of the language!


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