Misha Collins is Back for Supernatural Season 9!

Misha Collins is Back for Supernatural Season 9!

Cas makes a comeback! Misha Collins, the star of Supernatural tweets this delightful news. Once again, he will be seen amongst the casts in the regular series for the upcoming Season 9 of the CW drama.

Collins used to be in the regular casts of Supernatural for its Season 5 and Season 6 together with Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. However, his role for the Season 7 and Season 8 was reduced to some extent.

Looking Back to Misha Collins in Supernatural:

In Season 6 of this series Misha Collins was seen stepping out from the series regular leaving the fans wondering actually what would be happening. News also came out that by the end of this season, Misha would leave the show altogether. The rumor of the absence of Castiel character from the show was quite devastating for the fans.

Words were soon heard that the appearance of this fan-favorite actor would be drastically reduced in the coming seasons. Questions were raised as to why the role of Collins was downgraded in the show. But there was no official declaration on this but Sera Gamble, the showrunner proclaimed that the Collin’s role is reduced only because of creativity reasons.
Misha Collins is Back for Supernatural Season 9!

An Exciting Change in the Show for the Fans:

But now, Collins has returned for the show! This change is surely welcoming for his fans – you can now expect to see more from this trenchcoat angel. This is not the end; there is something more to add to your enthusiasm! It is also reported by THR that one of the Supernatural episodes of the next season will be directed by Collins. This will be the directorial debut of this famous actor. He is following the footsteps of Jensen Ackles.

The character of Castiel was first showcased in Season 4 of this show. In this season, Collins appeared in thirteen episodes as the guest star. After he was promoted, he was casted in fourteen episodes during Season 5 and appeared online in eleven episodes in the Season 6 of Supernatural. However, for the next two seasons since his role was cut off, he appeared only in five episodes in Season 7 and Season 8.

What is this promotion made for? Well, this promotion could imply that this angel might appear in a bigger role for Season 9. Casting of Collins as the regular series character will also help to reduce the work pressure of Padalecki and Ackles since they have been the only series regulars all these times.

No matter what the reason is seeing more of Cas in Supernatural is a good thing. Though Castiel was not one of the longest running characters in Supernatural, yet it has become the favorite to the fans in a very short time. Whether going insane or turning evil, Castiel has always been an important character of the show.

Season 9 is knocking at the door! Aren’t you excited to see Misha Collins back as the series regular on the show? Stay tuned to the show of Supernatural Season 9 !

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