Few websites have tried to bring gamers together into one global marketplace and failed in the long run. Reasons vary. From a bad design, unintuitive navigation, small user base or terrible verification and security. New Kickstarter project promises to remedy this and become the best hope for one go-to place for all your gaming trade and exchange needs.

Creating a global marketplace dedicated to both online and offline gamers is quite an endeavor. This particular project has been in development for over two years by a team of developers from United Kingdom and Poland.

Before they have finally decided to launch their Kickstarter campaign, the group has reviewed few different versions of the website until they have finally come to one conclusive form that, they believe, will revolutionize how gamers exchange their goods between one another.

Heavy emphasis on transaction security in the form of a six-step verification will surely make one of the safest places on the internet to purchase and exchange your nerdy merchandise. Developers go even further and promise to block off all VPN, TOR, and proxy users to ensure that you are dealing with a real person. The system will also prevent fake feedback from being added (feedback sent from multiple fake accounts which is a huge problem on transaction forums).

But the key security feature will be a massive public-access fraudster database dubbed Scam killer. Developed in the early stages of the project, Scamkiller gathers information from various forums, Facebook groups, websites and Discord sites and turns them into this ever-expanding registry of online scammers that will be banned by default on

Apart from tight security, the team has put extra effort to reduce clicks-per-action on their website, making navigation intuitive, fast and responsive. Using latest trends, we have a clean, easy-to-read purposefully designed website. Without excess flair and unnecessary clutter, finding deals and creating listings is simple and fast. Site easily adjust itself to any window size and resolution making it accessible on a wide variety of devices. What is more, the group is also working on a fully functional mobile app that will allow users to access their trades wherever they are.

But what really caught our attention was the amazing speed and ease of adding offers. It took us about 60 seconds to add a basic offer and once it went up its easy to control, it takes as much as one click to relist expired entry or to take it down entirely. Transparent and responsive user panel is very intuitive and easy to use. Vendor tools, available to everyone, will allow you to subscribe to a category you’re interested in and built-in notification system that will be integrated into their dedicated mobile app will let you know if something, that might interest you, shows up.

So if you have been waiting for a website that will, finally, make exchanges between gamers safe and easy, then you should follow this Kickstarter project. It has everything a modern transaction website should have and more! And the best part? It’s dedicated entirely to all kinds of gaming so you will be surrounded by like-minded geeks.

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