Modern Day Delorean Time Machine Would Look Like This

 Time Machine

If Back To The Future was released in 2014, I am sure this is how the DeTomaso Pantera ( Yes not DeLorean) would look like and I must say it is one badass looking time travelling vehicle, Artist Khyzyl Saleem created some awesome concept art that envisions the car as a DeTomaso Pantera instead of a DeLorean. We all love DeLorean as a time travelling car but you have to admit Pantera looks cool with all that gadgetry.

Here’s a brief word from the artist himself:

I’ve always wondered what a DeTomaso Pantera would have looked like as a time machine instead of the not-so-trustworthy Delorean haha. So here it is, a mixture of photo bashing & painting, just my modern-ish interpretation of one.

Yep, this is the original DeTomaso Pantera.

DeTomaso Pantera

DeTomaso Pantera

Via: Kotaku

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