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Mondo's Marvel Vinyls

If you love Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and love collecting cool stuff, then check out these cool vinyls.

After the premiere of the Luke Cage soundtrack, Mondo is introducing physical releases of both the Marvel and Netflix Original Series Daredevil Season One and Jessica Jones Season One.

The Daredevil – Season One – Original Soundtrack LP features music by John Paesano and artwork by the talented Matthew Woodson. As far as the Jessica Jones soundtrack, the music was created by Sean Callery, and it’s limited to 3000 copies. It’s also pressed on 180-gram red vinyl. It can be yours for $25.

You’ll be able to purchase the records via the House of Wax bar at the Alamo Drafthouse Brooklyn theater, or you can grab them online, which will likely end up being the more convenient option for most of us outside of New York. The albums are available on Mondo’s website.

Luke Cage’s  soundtrack is now available for preorder here.

Mondo is making the artwork available as an incredibly attractive poster set.

Matthew Woodson’s artwork is front and center, and the set is now available!

Each set will run you $45 and they’re all limited to 250 copies apiece. The prints will be sized 18″ x 24″.

Mondo's Marvel Vinyls Mondo's Marvel Vinyls Mondo's Marvel Vinyls

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