Monopoly is The Best Online Troll Right Now

The Monopoly Longest Game Ever edition

If you want to play a game which you played many times before this Thanksgiving that could also use most of your weekend and destroy your whole family, Hasbro’s got a treat for you in the form of a brand-new version of Monopoly called “Monopoly Longest Game Ever” edition, which is available solely on Amazon right now for $19.99 (via BleedingCool).

If you think Monopoly was a long game before, this new edition will probably be pure torment. The only way to win is to own every square in the game — and there are now more than 66 properties, with three variants of each one. There’s only one die (down from two) so it will take you the longest time to cross the full board. In perhaps the harshest rule, you are entitled to rip your bills in half so that your money will last longer.

Image: Hasbro

Gimmicky versions of Monopoly have always been a thing, and Hasbro has been more willing to poke some fun in recent years with versions like Monopoly for Millennials and Monopoly Socialism: Winning is for Capitalists. But I think that the best version of Monopoly is Star Wars: Episode 1 Edition — not only because of its great source material but also because the property cards were made directly into the board, and there were individual slots where you could build your houses and hotels. They were excellent improvements that I am shocked haven’t been released out in more versions.

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