MOONFALL Another Roland Emmerich’s Disaster Movie


As You know Roland Emmerich is the king of disaster movies and he already did Independence Day and Independence Day: Resurgence now director Roland Emmerich doing another disaster movie. Deadline reports that Universal has acquired the rights to a spec script he wrote with 2012 collaborator Harold Kloser and writer Spencer Cohen called Moonfall.

Story is described as “2012 mashed together with Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, following an unlikely band of misfits who must unite to save humanity when the moon falls out of orbit and hurtles towards earth.” How any character would be able to accomplish such a task remains to be seen, but I’m betting there will be explosions galore and at least a massive wave or two as the moon throws off the balance of the ocean tides. The studio bought this idea for seven figures and is fast-tracking the project, we have to see which cities he destroy this time, movie will hit theaters next year.

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