MOONLIGHTER Release Date And a New Trailer Revealed


Moonlighter has revealed an official launch date and a brand new trailer! Digital Sun and 11 Bit Studios unveiled a new trailer featuring the story, new gameplay, and plenty of hype, The game will hit stores on May 29th launch on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

It is not just another dungeon diver game with the focus being on powering up, upgrading gear, and defeating the boss with an “or else” story. Before going to dig deeper into the game, check out the new launch trailer:

Being able to set everything to your own price, figure out the worth of the multiple items you find from nighttime dungeon diving, and feeling the excitement that you got an upgrade for your gear rather than it being a reward really change the feel of the game’s style. There is just a different quality that has made this game one that I have kept in mind and have been waiting for.

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