Most Iconic Celebrity Styles from This Summer

Most Iconic Celebrity Styles from This Summer

Everyone wants to look like a celebrity, and if you take a cue from some of the iconic summer styles seen around Hollywood this year, there are many ways you can look just like your idols! With these easy and affordable looks, you can’t go wrong, and you can channel some of your inner star.

Crop-Top Crash Course

If you feel comfortable with your body and you want to show off your abs, crop tops have recently come back in style. These tops don’t have to be too short or too daring to make you feel glamorous and sexy, either. The key is to find one that accentuates your curves.

With a history that goes all the way back to the 1940s, crop-tops have swung in and out of fashion over the decades, making them about as iconic as any simple shirt can get. Celebrities like Kate Hudson and Amal Clooney are pairing them with high-waisted flared pants, making them appropriate for women of many ages.

Most Iconic Celebrity Styles from This Summer

The American Classic

There is nothing more simultaneously down-to-earth and classic than a plain white tee and a good pair of jeans. The best part is, this simple clothing combo can become a background for your other accessories, which can take your look from elegant to edgy on a whim. It’s super affordable, and with discount offers for Nordstrom at places like Discountrue, you can get high-end fabrics and designs for a low price.

If you want to go for a street-style look, add chunky boots and some layered chain necklaces. If you want something more sophisticated, add stiletto heels and a silk scarf. At night, throw on a jean or leather jacket for warmth. Everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Sienna Miller is sporting this classic look this year.

Most Iconic Celebrity Styles from This Summer

Jumpsuit Jam

The white jumpsuit is a huge celebrity trend this summer season. It’s being seen in styles reminiscent of the 1970’s with lace and wide legs and in modern, tailored versions as well. Because jumpsuits are all one-piece items, they don’t require tons of thought or decision making, which makes them perfect for those moments you need something that will make you look like fabulous — fast!

Just remember the cardinal rule that goes all the way back to fashion maven, Jackie O: if you’re going to wear white, make it really white. That way, all eyes will turn your way. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and January Jones have been recently seen making this simple but elegant look all their own.

These three classic additions to your wardrobe are all simple enough to be embellished in a dozen different ways. They’re easy to glam up or tone down, depending on your mood, and you can easily add accessories to show off your own personal style. Use the style advice of Hollywood’s favorites to make these looks work for you.

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