Most Played Online Games in 2021

There is no shortage of online multiplayer games these days, with more and more games coming out every month, and don’t get me wrong most of them are brilliant. you might be surprised to learn that bulk of the most played games in 2021 is actually very old. Check out the top 10 here, we’ve based all the data provided by publishers/developers, as well as many other reputable analytics sites.

apex legends

Apex Legends

Respawn’s Apex Legends was released suddenly and it took the internet by storm and becomes the king of the battle royale genre. It proved the absolute recipe of engaging gameplay, AAA production value, and a free-to-play business design that saw it flourish and temporarily dethroning Fortnite and PUBG as one of the most-played multiplayer games.

The numbers have definitely declined since its release month saw a record 2 million concurrent players, but with all the occasional bump along the way, its players have remained sizeable and in decent numbers. It’s safe to say that Apex has made its way into the genre and got its place for a long time now.

Apex Legends has topped at 228,439 on Steam alone in 2021. With console figures added in there, we wouldn’t be shocked if the entirety was edging a million on a good gaming day.



Now this one is another surprise, Developer Iron Gate Studio’s famous survival game Valheim is still in Early Access, but it took the gaming world by storm when it was released, Valheim is a standard sort of survival game— players start with zero before gradually collecting resources and constructing new structures to unlock more high-grade tools and weapons. There are 5 bosses to kill in its enormous procedurally created sandbox, but the game’s building mechanics, which are very similar to what you have seen in Minecraft, add longevity to the experience.

Valheim really excels in the wilderness with the great outdoors, and all the developing gameplay that happens so naturally in every single venture, Doesn’t matter if you are playing solo or with friends in cooperative multiplayer.

The formula of the game has been a huge success, with 5 million players having bought an Early Access copy just a month after its release. That was enough data to give a high 500,000 peak player figure in February 2021, The date the game was published on Steam Charts.


Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin casino gaming comes with many benefits and a huge gamer base, it is a growing trend that is taking the world by storm, Coronavirus only helped this new trend. It is known for being very safe and anonymous with an additional layer of security for its users and withdrawals are very faster for the gamers, If you are looking for instant transactions after the game you can try crypto dice. That is why it has got so much influence in the field of crypto casino gaming. And due to the popularity of Bitcoin, it got more traction, and now it has grown into a well-liked option for many gamers and because of its benefits, gaming is becoming more mainstream and with a huge player base.



This one needs no introduction, this is a king of the hill in the pixelated building world, Minecraft is a behemoth that just keeps on going strong.

Minecraft has only increased its player base enormously over the last 4 years. Just check out its monthly active users (MAU) for verification.

1.4 million concurrent numbers are taken from a Polygon article back in 2015 when Minecraft’s MAU was estimated at below 40 million. It wouldn’t be out of the fields of opportunity that Minecraft now sees over 3 times that number on any given day.

Mandalorian and Baby Yoda in Fortnite


Love it or hate it Fortnite, surely has to go down as the most successful video game ever made. Epic Games’ battle royale title has totally changed what it means to create and support a thriving “live” service-style video game.

Fortnite is a continually shifting being, changing itself with various features and methods as new trends develop. It’s really a new game every month because of its battle pass content, and it’s also engineered to embed itself into pop culture by cooperating with musicians and celebrity characters in the game, Dune is the new love for gamers.

In the Astronomical Concert back in 2020 Fortnite set a 12.3 million concurrent player peak, as players crowded to watch Travis Scott released his new single in the game, and what an event that was, the first of its kind ever.

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