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The entertainment industry has been thriving ever since it was conceived. The reason behind this is that everyone looks for an escape from their monotonous life. Entertainment, whether it may be in the form of music, movies, games, or any other shape, helps people get a sigh of relief in this cutthroat environment. Out of these means, movies or, to put it simply, a visual form of entertainment is the one that is most adored and appreciated. The reason why movies and TV shows are so popular is that they are free from any norms or cultural bounds. Many people, who don’t even understand a language, enjoy movies or TV shows because visual representation doesn’t need any kind of sound to get its message across. However, the sound is an added advantage.


History of Movies

Movies, as art pieces, have come a long way from their original form. The birth of cinemas or movies is dated back to even way before televisions became a standard. The early films were quite short – some were only made up of few minutes in black and white and without any sound. By 1914, investors realized the worth of the movie business and they started investing heavily into it. This gave birth to several national film industries, and believe it or not, this started in areas like Russia, Europe, and Scandinavia, with America nowhere to be found in the picture. Slowly and steadily, the duration of films became longer and the story took a dominant factor in determining how these movies were made.

As the craft regarding movies improved, people also started paying for it and in a very short time, movie-making became a very profitable business. Then came the First World War, which immensely hampered the already established European film industry, and consequently, the United States capitalized on it and started developing their own movies. By 1932, color was also introduced to movies and this was considered a revolutionary move back in the day. This was evident in classic Hollywood movies like Gone with the Wind and Wizard of Oz. By the 1930s, America had established its movie industry, which was going to be called Hollywood. The addition of sound and color gave this industry the rise that it was craving for and this made the 1930s the golden age of Hollywood.


Introduction of Television to Movies

Between the 1930s and 1940s, movies became the primary source of entertainment for the general public, and the audience used to visit cinemas at least twice a week. Then, came the 1950s, and by that time, Americans were introduced to television. Just like cinemas, it was a long journey for TVs as well, although it was also in monochrome and with limited programming. At first, seeing visual entertainment in their houses instead of going to cinemas was a technological marvel in itself. It didn’t take long for television to become the main source of entertainment and cinema had a competitor and as the popularity of TV grew, there were advancements made for the audience to remain hooked. Now, TV is such a popular medium that every household has at least one set. The total number of TV-watching households in the US alone is estimated to be 121 million.

As the roaster of channels grew on TV, there was a need to tap into the moviegoers market as well. So, as all other types of programming like kids, science, and family sitcoms became part of standard television broadcast, so did movies. Now, movie channels are one of the most premium-rated channels on TVs and many cable providers offer channels like HBO Max as part of their premium cable package or as add-on content. For instance, RCN cable provides all premium movie channels as an add-on service. In times of lockdown, when cinemas were closed and people were stuck in their houses, the importance of movie channels skyrocketed because all the latest movies premiered either on streaming apps or channels like HBO Max. We are going to talk about the most-watched movie channels, which are providing quality entertainment to people from the ease and convenience of their houses.



Home Box Office, or how most of you know it as HBO, is the oldest and most popular premium movie channel in the US. It is backed and owned by Time Warner Media and its content lineup consists of theatrically released movies along with made for television movies. HBO is the most-watched and oldest operating paid subscription-based movie channel on the US cable roaster. It was the first channel that pioneered the subscription-based model, which we see commonly used today by other channels as well as by platforms like Netflix. The recently launched HBO Max is also a subsidiary of HBO. It is an on-demand platform that provides viewers with newly released movies and content produced by Warner Media. The most prominent example of this is the recently released Zack Snyder’s Justice League.



SHOWTIME is a premium movie channel founded in 1972 that delivers award-winning original programming, blockbuster movies, and classic film entertainment to its viewers. Backed by the media giant, ViacomCBS, this channel is available to over 98 million households in North America as paid subscription-based network. In addition, SHOWTIME also features daily shows, full episodes of most-watched series, original programming, featurettes, documentaries, short films, and much more. SHOWTIME lets you watch all your favorite shows and movies at the same time. You’ll never get tired of watching TV.



Cinemax is a movie channel that airs popular movies and shows all in one place. It also has a variety of original movies and series. Cinemax’s programming mainly consists of action, drama, and suspense movies, as well as a few comedies and select science fiction and fantasy films. Also owned by Warner Media group, this was the second channel after HBO to offer complimentary multiplexed programming following the traditional subscription-based model. Cinemax is also one of the most-watched premium movie channels in the USA and is available to more than 21 million US households.

We can clearly see that HBO is the king of movie channels in the US with a current user base of 222 million viewers, while other options like Showtime and Cinemax also have quality content that keeps the viewers hooked to their seats. Movie channels are no less than a blessing in the current landscape when the cinema business is almost non-existent. In times like these, movie channels are premiering all the new movies directly to households that are not subscribed to any streaming service as of yet, keeping the public safe during the pandemic and also allowing the movie business to say afloat, which is a big industry, to say the least.


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