Players can be happy about the news as developer Terrible Posture Games has brought a new roguelike to the VR landscape. MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE is a VR reimagining of the 2019 bullet-hell FPS game that over 750,000 players have come to play and is now available for the Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR via Valve Index and HTC Vive.

MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE enables players to let their creativity run rampant with the capacity to craft crazy weapons with different parts from throughout its corridors. barrels, caps, connectors, and even more are all there for forging purposes as players battle hordes of aliens and get as far as they can before dying. Attachments crafted for these weapons not only affect the weapon itself, but the surrounding world with things like skeleton keys, coffee ammo, or even an occasional glowing mushroom.

“Bringing MOTHERGUNSHIP to VR is something we’ve been intrigued about for years, and now we get to see our game through a new LENS,” said Joe Mirabello, Creative Director at Terrible Posture Games. “Kyle from PR didn’t want me to use that pun, but PR doesn’t always get what PR wants, DO YOU, KYLE? Puns are glorious, just like slapping a Biscuit Trophy on the weapon of your dreams and unloading sticky spikeballs at robot invaders with a buddy.”

An aspect that a lot of players may take advantage of is the ability to play with a friend in a 2-player co-op. Together, you’ll be able to dip, dodge, and duck your way through levels loaded with rewards to earn and bosses to defeat. Whatever your choice of gameplay, MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE delivers hours upon hours of gameplay with its procedurally-generated world with new meetings and attachments around every corner.

MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE is available now on the Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR via Valve Index and HTC Vive for $19.99.

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