Movie Blockbusters That Made Great Games

There have been many instances where movies have provided inspiration for games throughout the years. This has been the case especially in the gaming industry where slots games and associated technology have developed to give players a huge range of games to enjoy. In fact, although we have in a way become accustomed to, and enjoy playing the more traditional type of slot games on the market such as Fruit Machine, which can be found at mFortune; there are many others that are based on blockbuster movies. So much so that we have taken the liberty of highlighting a few that have made a huge impact in the industry.


Rocky is a classic film that features everyone’s favorite underdog story. It’s a movie that most of us have seen more than once and it’s no surprise that leading developers Playtech used the film as inspiration for a slot game. The slot is traditional in a sense, as you’d expect, featuring 5 reels and 25 pay lines. With the rags to riches story behind the movie, players can also experience similar by betting from as little as 0.01 and winning 10,000x their stake, which makes the game very appealing.


Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes is a fantastic 2011 remake of the hit film and it managed to be a huge box office hit, with everyone desperate to watch the movie brought to life thanks to brilliant CGI effects and motion capture. The slot game itself is divided into two parts – Rise and Dawn – doubling the number of pay lines in play from 20 up to 40. This immediately makes the game a big draw for players, especially as the reels feature characters from the franchise and there’s the potential for some good wins.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan and brilliant Batman releases go hand in hand, and the Dark Knight was a fantastic sequel to Batman Begins. The movie, which saw a superb performance from the late Heath Ledger, features the Joker more prominently and this is transferred over to the slot game too. The slot, which comes with eye-catching 3D graphics, features a progressive jackpot that is very attractive to players. The betting range is also inclusive too, with players able to bet low and still walk away with a life-changing amount of money thanks to the progressive jackpot on offer.

Superman II

There have been some fantastic Superman movies over the years and as a result, there have been some exciting Superman inspired slot games too. The pick of the bunch for us is Superman II, which is the sequel to the initial Superman movie. The film itself saw Superman epically take on Lex Luther, which lives long in the memory of any Superman fan. The slot game itself features five mini-games which automatically give players a real incentive to come back to the slot and keep playing. There’s the potential for some big wins too thanks to combinations providing up to 5,000x the stake too.

As you can see, there are some terrific slot games that have been born from fantastic movies over the years. With more hit films in the pipeline, it will be interesting to see which are next to make it into the ever-growing gaming industry.

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