Movie-Like: Dating Ideas from Cinema

Puzzling over how to arrange a perfect date? Coming up with a good idea is not easy. But do not worry: everything has already been invented! The best source of inspiration in love affairs is cinema. We have collected five excellent dating movies and offer you to repeat them in real life.

Pretty Woman A Night at the Opera

1. Pretty Woman: A Night at the Opera

Harry Marshall’s romantic comedy is a reference love story. After all, what girl does not dream of a prince who will suddenly change her life? One of the most memorable scenes in the film is the heroes’ trip to the opera. Why not surprise one of your Asian brides with an invitation to an opera or ballet? Be sure to choose a theater where everything is rife with history, where solemnity is felt from the doorway, where tickets are hard to get: such a date will definitely never be forgotten. By the way, in Pretty Woman, before going to the opera, Edward puts on a luxurious necklace with brilliant-cut rubies around Vivian’s neck. You can use this trick, of course, adjusted for your budget.


2. Naked Gun: More Activities

In this comedy, the hapless police lieutenant Frank Drebin and his beloved Jane are having a truly eventful day: first jogging along the beach, then relaxing in an idyllic park, cotton candy, ball games, rodeos, pair tattoos, and finally watching a movie together… Such a program, of course, will exhaust anyone. But if your soulmate loves activity, then why not offer her such a rich leisure time. Perhaps this is the perfect date for your couple.


3. (500) Days of Summer: Idle Shopping

The romantic love story of Tom and Summer is a clear example of the fact that, at the dawn of a relationship, any joint pastime is fascinating, and even a trip to Ikea can be turned into a real adventure. The heroes in love enter a furniture store and play scenes from their future family life there: here is their bedroom, and here are two kitchens, in one of which is an urgent need to change the tap, and here is the bathroom, however, it is crowded with Chinese. The optimism and youthful energy emanating from the heroes give the belief that the perfect date can be arranged even in the store. Try to go shopping with your soul mate. There is only one condition — shopping must be fun, and not exhausting and annoying.


4. Dirty Dancing: Dance Lesson

The melodrama tells the love story of a wealthy young girl Francis and a charismatic but poor dancer Johnny. The heroine comes with her parents on vacation to the boarding house, but after meeting Johnny, the relaxed rest ends, and dancing begins — romantic, sensual, hot.

All their dates take place on the dance floor, and love is born during the dance, so think about the idea of ​​stirring up your feelings with dance steps. It is just that the nightclub is too corny. But the master class is a great option. A passionate tango or sensual salsa lesson is ideal — both dances will definitely set the right mood for the evening. The idea can be adopted by those couples that have been together for a long time and those who are just trying to build relationships.


5. Intuition: A Trip to the Ice Rink

This romantic comedy often appears in the lists of Christmas films because the events take place on the eve of a bright holiday. Jonathan and Sarah meet by chance in the pre-holiday turmoil and feel drawn to each other. They have a great time: first in the café, then at the rink.

Why don’t you invite your soulmate to go ice skating? Fortunately, in modern realities, this can be done not only in winter but also at any other time: you can find skating rinks in shopping centers. But in winter, in the open air, of course, it is more romantic and like in a movie.


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