Movie Scenes And Their Original Storyboard Art Playing Side By Side

Movie Scenes And Their Original Storyboard Art

Storyboard art is the most important part of filmmaking process. It helps the directors visually plan out their shots before they actually start shooting the film.

Today we have an amazing video to share with you, It is from Glass Distortion and it is called Storyboards to Films. They take scenes from films such as The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Knight, and No Country For Old Men and play those scenes out next to the original storyboard art for those scenes.

The Empire Strikes Back (storyboard artist: Ivor Beddoes)

The Dark Knight (storyboard artist: Gabriel Hardman)

Commercial for Chanel (storyboard artist: Maxime Rebière)

No Country for Old Men (storyboard artist: J. Todd Anderson)

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