A movie tour around the world

Travel punctuates every element of our lives from the mundane commute to work to your annual holiday and even down to the movies we watch! I started thinking about how many films are named after a destination and came up with a pretty impressive list, so I thought I’d put together some of my favourites. Few of the plots actually have anything to do with travel but if you are out of annual leave or the funds won’t stretch far enough for a holiday any time soon, why not embark on a movie tour around the world instead…

From Russia with Love

So, I thought I’d kick things off with a blast from the past in the form of From Russia with Love. Released in 1963 this baby is the second James Bond film ever released. Bond embarks on a mission in Istanbul in search of a Russian decoding machine before the SPECTRE organization beats him to it. Whilst the film isn’t actually set in Russia, it’s as close as you’re likely to get from your sofa.

Gangs of New York

Set in 1863 and featuring a powerful cast, Gangs of New York sees protagonist Amsterdam Vallon, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, return to New York to avenge his father’s death. It was the psychotic gang leader Bill the Butcher who was responsible and Vallon aims to ensure vengeance is sought and peace is restored to the streets.

In Bruges

I know a few people who have travelled to Bruges specifically after watching this film. The story might be a tad sombre, focusing on hit men as they lay low after a job gone wrong, but the preserved medieval streets somehow make it magical!

This is England

Set in 1983, This is England hails back to the “good old days” when Mods and Rockers roamed the streets. In this film however, the main character is a troubled 12 year old and at the start of what is set to be a dull and lonely 6 week summer break, he meets some trouble makers who eventually become his best friends. The movie tackles a lot of issues from racism to mass unemployment. Despite the more sobering undertones, there are plenty of good moments in this movie and it will definitely get you thinking!

Get Him to the Greek

Cheer yourself up and watch the hilarious Get Him to the Greek. Starring Jonah Hill of Superbad fame as a record company intern and Russell Brand as a rock star, it’s rife with bad behaviour and hilarious escapades as Jonah tries to get Russell from London to LA for a concert in 72 hours. Obviously the Greek reference doesn’t relate to the sun drenched med destination but should you be inspired to visit the gorgeous Greek Islands anyway, you will be able to get around in no time with car hire from Chania Airport.

Italian Job

A fairly classic entry comes in the form of the Italian Job, originally hitting screens in 1969. A youthful Michael Caine takes the lead with the aid of three Mini Coopers, a bus and a few Jaguars to get his hands on the gold and complete the ‘job’ at hand. Comic genius, this movie never gets old and set in various locations across Italy, it will definitely have you pining to explore here.

What Happens in Vegas

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include at least one chick flick and what choice is more appropriate than What Happens in Vegas complete with a white chapel wedding. Sure it’s cheesy and yes, it’s pretty cliché but you know what? Sometimes you just need a bit of cheese on toast in your life and no movie tour around the world would be complete without a trip to Vegas.

After completing your adventure, it’s easy to continue your movie tour around the world…why not check out Shanghai Express, the Road to Singapore, Miami Vice, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sleepless in Seattle… the list can go on and on! What’s your favourite movie with a destination in its name and why?

Bio: Kerri Ware is a keen traveller and works for Economy Car Hire, a holiday car hire broker based in the UK. Working nine to 5 she doesn’t get to travel as often as she’d like to so she often finds she is full of wanderlust!

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