Movies and Footage From Real Events Side By Side For Easy Comparison


Everyone loves movies which are based on true stories, somehow they have more weight and character to them and you can’t imagine that someone been through all that in real life which is sometimes unbearable to watch in the movies. When I’m watching a movie that’s based on a true story or historic event, I also wonder if they manage to accurately capture the essence of that event or how much they adapted into the movie for the audiences to understand and digest. But often, filmmakers go the extra mile to recreate moments as closely as they possibly can to the real event, and if you don’t know the story from the real life, you wouldn’t even notice how close Hollywood can get to the truth. Check out this video from editor Vugar Efendi (via /Film) below and you will understand what I mean and how much filmmakers get close to reality in some true story movies they make.


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