Ten Movies Your Boyfriend Takes You to When He (Actually) Has a Wife at Home

You just met the man of your dreams, and you think that life is finally on the right track. How do you know if he actually has a wife sitting at home and waiting for him when he’s on a date with you? If your new beau takes you to any of the following ten films, welcome to the world of affair dating. You don’t need to read a DiscreetAdventures review to find out if your lover has a wife; you just need to check out this list of films.


Closer has more cheating and affairs going on than you might think from the trailers. Jude Law plays a man who starts dating a former stripper while in the midst of a mid-life crisis. He later falls in love with Julia Roberts and starts sleeping with her. Even after the two characters marry and develop relationships with others, they just can’t stay away from each other.

Walk the Line


Johnny Cash was one of the top country music stars of all times, but in Walk the Line, Joaquin Phoenix proves that Cash had a problem when it came to the ladies. Though happily married, he finds himself drawn to a young singer named June Carter. After she writes a song describing their feelings for each other, he eventually leaves his wife for his new love.

American Beauty

When Lester, played by Kevin Spacey, meets his daughter’s friend Angela, he knows that she’s trouble. Even though she’s in high school and has nothing in common with her, he just can’t stay away. The film follows Lester as he fantasizes about the young ingenue and eventually begins a relationship with her.

To Die For


When Nicole Kidman was better known for her role as Tom Cruise’s wife, she starred in this little known flick. Inspired by true events, Kidman plays a local weather girl who meets and beds a younger man. Though he doesn’t realize it, she only starts their relationship because she wants him to murder her husband.

Little Children

Sarah is a bored housewife who dreams of something different, while Brad is a bored husband who remembers the glory days when he was a high school football star. After the two meet on the playground, they launch a relationship that no one will forget. The chemistry between Kate Winslet and Patrick Wilson practically jumps off the screen.


Diane Lane’s Connie is a typical housewife who finds her passion ignited when she meets the mysterious Paul, played by Oliver Martinez. The two have the kind of chemistry that you can’t miss, and you’ll wonder where you can find a Paul of your own after the film ends.

Fatal Attraction

This is the film that your lover doesn’t want you to see unless he’s sure that you don’t know about his wife. When Daniel meets Alex, he finds his life turned upside down. Their simple affair threatens to ruin his life, especially when Alex decides that she isn’t ready to let him walk away without a fight.

A Walk on the Moon

Diane Lane makes the list again with this little seen flick. Playing a woman stuck at a camp with a husband who seems more concerned with work than his wife or his kids, she meets a man called the Blouse Man because he primarily sells clothing to women. The two light up the screen as they embark on their affair, but the film also shows the struggles that Lane’s Pearl has with being a woman stuck in the wrong era.


When Julianne Moore thinks her husband is cheating, she decides that asking him isn’t an option. She hires a young prostitute, played by Amanda Seyfried, and asks the woman to seduce her husband. The troubled woman never expects that she might develop feelings for that prostitute too. When Chloe admits that she completed her mission, Moore’s character finds herself wanting to know more. As the film progresses, you’ll wonder what will happen with the characters and which of those characters is telling the truth.


If your lover has a sense of humor and doesn’t have a problem with chick flicks, he might recommend this one to you. Kerri Russell plays a waitress stuck in a small town with her small town husband. Though she dreams of a better life and saves money to escape, he keeps finding ways to ruin her plans. When she meets Nathan Fillion’s doctor character, she discovers that she doesn’t have to go far to fulfill her dreams. The two begin an affair that starts and ends on a humorous note, though the film makes it clear that her husband doesn’t deserve her.

These ten films feature entertaining stories, but if your new boyfriend suggests curling up to watch one, you might want to think twice about his intentions.

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