MS. MARVEL New Poster Features Kamala Khan’s Family

Disney+ series Ms. Marvel new poster is released and it gives us another look at the stars of the series, Iman Vellani, who plays Kamala Kahn/Ms. Marvel, as well as a first look at the character’s family and friends. We also see her best friend, Nakia Bahadir, played by Yasmeen Fletcher. “Nakia is a classmate at Kamala’s school. Hailing from a Turkish family, Nakia belongs to the same mosque as Kamala’s family and social activist. In the comics, the gap between her and Kamala grows as the latter becomes a superhero.”

Next to Nakia, we see Bruno Carrelli, played by Matt Lintz, who is Kamala’s other best friend. “Unlike Nakia, Bruno is brought into Kamala’s heroic adventures rather early, acting as her confidant for the Ms. Marvel side of her life.”

To the right of Kamala is Amir Khan, her older brother. “In the original source material, he avoided getting a job to focus more on religion, much to the annoyance of their parents. It’s unclear if that storyline will play out in the show. Amir’s future wife, Tyesha Hillman-Khan, also appears just below him on the poster, played by Travina Springer.”

Right next to Amir is a major character in the show, Kamran, played by Rish Shah. “Kamala has a crush on this young heartthrob who attends her school. There’s also a superheroic future for Kamran in the original comics, as he becomes an Inhuman in the same way Kamala does. Her powers seemingly come from a different source in the show, so Kamran’s character might also head in a different direction.”

Then there are Kamala’s parents, Muneeba Khan and Yusef Khan. Her mother Muneeba is played by Zenobia Shroff (The Big Sick), and her father is played by Mohan Kapur, a famous Indian host and voice actor. “Kamala’s parents are both immigrants from Pakistan trying to find a life for their family in New Jersey. Neither knows of her double life as Ms. Marvel, simply thinking her absences and actions spring from more mundane sources.”

Under Kamala’s parents is Zoe Zimmer, played by Laurel Marsden. “Zoe is the most popular girl at Kamala’s school and bullies her early on. She’s also the first person that Kamala saves, prior to fully becoming Ms. Marvel. Later in the original comics, Zoe does become friends with Kamala and eventually even strikes up a one-sided romantic interest in Nakia.”

Ms. Marvel will be airing on Disney+ starting on June 8th.

MS. MARVEL New Poster

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