How Much Money Superheroes Make with Their Day Jobs – Infographic


Did you ever think how much money superheroes make working in their day jobs? Well, I never thought of it before but today we have an infographic from Zippia that breaks it all down for you. It’s interesting to see and you wonder how these heroes can survive making as much money as they do! For example, Clark Kent is only pulling in about $39K a year as a journalist, and Spider-Man is making around $22K as a photographer. Then, of course, there’s Scott Lang aka Ant-Man who’s only making 18K at Baskin Robbins! At that point, you might want to use those superpowers to help make a little extra cash! The infographic came with the following note:

It’s interesting to see how much these heroes make on their jobs.

Superheroes occupy a unique place in our culture — through their fantastic abilities and larger-than-life adventures, readers are able to catch glimpses of what humans might look like if we were granted extraordinary power and decided to actually use this power for good.

This quality is part of what makes superhero alter egos so interesting. It’s not enough for us for our heroes to get into trouble on the cosmic scale. For some reason, we also need them to have mundane problems like uncomfortable apartments, family drama, and late rent payments.

As much as we want to see Superman cut a giant robot into pieces with his laser vision, we have a tough time liking him as a character unless we’re also given the chance to see him veg out on the couch with a laptop on his stomach, cursing at Netflix for displaying yet another judgmental “Are you still watching?” message while he binge-watches the new season of Cupcake Wars.

What’s remarkable about superheroes and their day jobs is how much more successful some are at them than others. For every Tony Stark making millions of dollars in his sleep, there’s always a Spider-Man desperately checking the folds of his couch for laundry quarters. Whether it’s due to a lack of ambition, lack of opportunity, or simply too many superhero-related responsibilities, some heroes just have more successful day jobs than others. And when you start to look at some of these heroes side-by-side, the differences can be pretty staggering.

For this article, we wanted to do just that — that is, put some of our favorite heroes side-by-side and look at just how successful each one is when they aren’t busy with their super heroics. So, using salary estimates from our own website as well as others like Glassdoor, we put together a list of some of our favorite superheroes to see just how much money each of them made when they weren’t busy saving the world.


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