Mudra Apple Watch Band Comes With Gestures Controls

Apple Watch Band

Mudra Band is an Apple smartwatch band that lets you control your Apple Watch using simple finger movements. The unique watchband immediately turns your Apple watch into a single-handed gadget, which will enable you to multitask while operating the watch, without blocking the display. Mudra Band lets you control your Apple watch using very simple finger movements, and supports discrete, continuous, and air-touch interactions. Early bird pledges are open now and they are starting from $139 offering a 44% savings off the recommended price.

– Discrete gestures are individual finger movements – such as a single finger moving, or the soft tap of a finger on the thumb.

– Continuous gestures are various fingertip pressure gradations applied to physical objects or other fingers.

– Air-touch gestures combine fingertip pressure and an air mouse – such as sliding to unlock.

“When you intend to move a finger, electrodes in the Mudra Band capture the neural signals sent from your brain, through the wrist, to your fingers. Our patented SNC sensors capture the signals, while our deep learning AI algorithms decipher the signal pattern and classify which finger is being moved. Finally, we bind each signal pattern to a control function on your watch.”

Apple Watch Band

“With Mudra Band, you don’t need to stop, stand, look at the watch, touch it, or use your other hand to control your musical soundtrack. Simply move your fingers to switch tracks, skip around, adjust the volume, etc., and keep exercising without interruption. When you’re doing something that requires both hands and your full attention, you don’t want to be fidgeting with your watch’s touchscreen, digital crown, or home button. Simply use subtle finger movements to control the watch and keep the display visible.”

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