Music Sounds Better With You

Music Sounds Better With You – A Group Show Celebrating Music Icons

Music Sounds Better With You

Gauntlet Gallery is hosting another brilliant show! This time it is a show about the music icons.

 Music Sounds Better With You Music Sounds Better With You

During the mid-20th century, the world witnessed a cultural explosion surrounding music and art. Since then, the two have developed simultaneously allowing musicians and artists to grow, challenge, and thrive off of one another. From Andy Warhol’s Eight Elvises of 1963 to Jeff Koons’ Michael Jackson and Bubbles of 1988, we have seen the worlds of audio and visual collide and feed off of each other. This connection has provided each generation with the unique experience of emotion evoking exchanges between art and music. Please join us as more than twenty artists celebrate and pay homage to the musicians who have inspired them along the way.

Music Sounds Better With You

The exhibit is free, open to the public and will be showing through November 12th, 2013.

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