Must Watch: Elon Musk Debut SpaceX’s First Manned Spacecraft Tonight


Back in May of 2012, SpaceX proved that they could launch a spacecraft filled with cargo, have it dock with the International Space Station, and return it to earth safely.

Tonight, they’re unveiling the spacecraft that’ll help them take the next logical (if daunting) step: sending up a handful of astronauts.

Called “Dragon V2″ (or sometimes “DragonRider”, or “the Space Taxi”) the ship SpaceX is unveiling tonight is said to be capable of carrying up to seven astronauts (or a mix of astronauts and cargo), to and from low-earth orbit and the International Space Station.

Word of this pending announcement first broke on April 29th, when, in response to US sanctions against Russia, Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin suggested that the US could perhaps use “trampolines” to reach the ISS, instead of the Russian Soyuz spacecrafts we currently depend on. It’s scheduled to start at 7 P.M PDT:

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