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One of the lattest tech development areas have been gesture control. They can help you to interact with computers without having to touch any inputs like a keyboard or a mouse. A lot of devices and approaches promise to break people free from being physically ‘wired’ to their computers.

Nowadays three University of Waterloo engineering graduates suggest another device to your consideration: an armband called MYO.

You should know about gesture control devices that depend on positioning through camera tracking, but MYO perceive electrical activity in the muscles, controlling hand and finger motions. If you wear this armband on the forearm when you flex of various muscles, it serve it as gesture inputs, which are communicated via Bluetooth. Then they are translated into motions on the screen thanks to some machine-learning algorithms.
Thalmic Labs suggest a preorder price point of $149 for the device and there is a cool video to demonstrate what gesture control with the device is like.

A market has had a slew of activity lately, but the armband received a lot of media attention and made a big splash. You know, Leap Motion controller was the last gesture control device to stir this kind of excitement. It has infrared cameras which help to catch incredibly precise gesture control up when a computer is not far away. The Leap controller is going to suggest its $70 preorders in May and then we will be available to find MYO at retail stores like Best Buy.

Why MYO is better than Leap Motion? First of all with help of MYO armband you can control a computer at distances greater than a few feet. Also we can see in the video, that control can be wielded during a variety of tasks whether facing the computer or no. It’s possible because it’s detecting motion within the arm. On the other hand, MYO can be not comfortable for somebody because you should wear it on the body to use. Also the lack is that little motions like tapping one’s fingers or ticks are interpreted as inputs. If you use MYO, you have to be more cognizant of being engaged with the computer, while the proximity requirement of a Leap controller is more akin to keyboards and mice.

Do you remember about recent efforts by Microsoft researchers to develop a wrist-worn finger tracking that relies on cameras? MYO is super cool in comparison with it! I believe that the armband will be popular and become unnoticed after people acclimate to it like we acclimated to a wristwatch. We can forecast now that in the nearest future the gesture control will make a big revolution in the way we interact with computers.
In the conclusion we can say that computer interaction is developing, and each device is its only experiment which will show own success only in its longevity. Everybody agree that the keyboard and mouse aren’t just inputs which we can leave in the past, but they have been a huge part of the digital revolution and worked successfully for a long time.

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