Mysteries of ANT-MAN’s Suit Unveiled


The Ant-Man suit that Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) wears in Marvel’s upcoming superhero film looks brilliant and badass. We still don’t know how this miracle suit actually works, but thanks to costume designers Sammy Sheldon and Ivo Coveney, we have some details.

First, Sheldon explains how Lang could die without it:

“When you shrink, the molecules in the air are too big for your lungs. He has to be fully contained or he’d die.”

This means that the shrinking action will only be contained to when Lang is wearing the suit. I think many people assumed that would be the case, but in the comics there have been times when Ant-man wasn’t wearing his suit.

The article then hints at the possibility that the Pym Particles could be included in the story. The report talks about “mysterious chemicals” that will be sent into Lang’s body through special tubing that Coveney discusses,

“We had a long discussion about the two cables going into his helmet. They’re a massive weakness – Yellowjacket could just rip them off and he’s dead. But, in the end, it just looks cooler with them on.”

Sheldon adds,

“The fact that he’s shrinking is enough to get away with anything else, really!”

Ant-Man will hit theaters on July 17th, Ant-Man will once again appear in Captain America: Civil War.

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