A Mysterious ‘Avengers’ Hatch Has Been Discovered In Disneyland

 'Avengers' Hatch

A mysterious Avengers hatch that popped up in recent days that has most fans enthralled with what James Gunn calls: “The Marvel Theme Park Universe.” The hatch reportedly appeared just outside the Mission: Breakout ride, surrounded by a crew of workers in hazmat suits. What does it mean? What secrets does it hold?

Considering Disney’s aggressive plans to expand and add more experiences to their theme parks, rather than just simple rides, the Avengers Hatch could be the first clue in a massive, immersive adventure.

As Slashfilm points out, Marvel Themed Entertainment Creative Director Brian Crosby hinted at little things like this Avengers Hatch popping up all around Disney’s various parks at that Mission: Breakout launch.

“There are nods in this attraction to other things we are doing around the world. In true Marvel fashion, hashtag it’s all connected, there are nods to the Iron Man Experience in Hong Kong, there are nods to the Marvel Superhero Academy on the Disney Cruise Ship. It’s all connected guys. So we encourage you to be good fans and go on the interwebs and find all the clues and connect it all. That’s the fun, it’s all part of the same universe. And we’re just getting started.”


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