Namibia Joined Forces With Europe in Mocking Trump And It’s Awesome


Now Namibia joined the band of European countries mocking Trump with their Second videos. I especially love the Morocco‘s take on being second.

We have so many tribes and we mix them all to have the best flavor,” the usual voiceover mimicking Trump’s cadence says.

Namibia has a thing or two things to teach Trump: how to persuade foreign countries to build walls and buildings for them.

“We also know how much you love walls. Guess what? We also have a great wall, it’s around our state house — a big wall even with some gold things on it, ok. And guess what? We made China build it. It’s true, so true.”

“You have amazing Trump Towers, but hey! We also have a great tower that actually looks like a coffee machine. It’s huge! And the best thing is we let the North Koreans built it.”

The video concludes with a cheeky plea:”We totally understand it’s going to be America first. We’re just not sure on which continent you mean? Because in Africa, well, Namibia is first!”


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