Napoleonic Soldiers Facing Evil Magic in Trailer For THE NECROMANCER


Gravitas Ventures has unveiled the first trailer for a new and upcoming supernatural horror movie titled The Necromancer. It tells the freakish tale of a group of British soldiers who find themselves battling against evil magic while journeying through the Black Forest in Germany.

Retreating from the violent Napoleonic War, a group of British soldiers make their way through the Black Forest in Germany, unaware of what new terror is awaiting them. Each has been through their own personal hell and the deeper they walk into the forest, the more broken their souls become. What evil magic will begin to pick at their insecurities and pull at their hopes and dreams? Who will be the first to flee? The first to kill? The first to break?

The movie stars Marcus Macleod, Stuart Brennan, Mark Paul Wake, Austin Caley, Charlie Morgan, Sarina Taylor, and Victoria Morrison. It will be released in theaters and On Demand on February 25th.

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