NBC plans an Italian Job TV Series

Italian Job TV Series

The Italian Job is coming to the TV soon. The Hollywood Reporter reports that NBC is planning an Italian Job TV series, based on the 1969 heist classic.

Italian Job stars Michael Caine as Charlie Croker, an expert thief who pulls together a team to heist four million dollars of gold in the Italian Alps. The remake, directed by F. Gary Gray, features Mark Wahlberg as the Croker character, but the plot follows a different progression and the story’s action is moved from Italy to Los Angeles. The remake does, however, make use of the original film’s signature getaway car: the Mini Cooper.

According to today’s trade report, the Italian Job TV show will shift the plot a bit and, instead of heisting gold as the previous films have done, the heist will center around a team coming together to rescue an older teammate to whom they all owe a debt.

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