NBC Shows to Watch Out For This Fall

With the new fall TV season rapidly approaching, TV viewers are scrambling to discover who, what and when to watch. The excitement of new shows and new characters draws many viewers to their TV or computer to indulge their unspoken fantasies vicariously. Fortunately, with the Internet, viewers can go online to many different websites to get in-depth previews of the shows and the stars. Those still watching on TV, it is important to choose the right TV service in order to keep NBC in the cue.

NBC, one of the most prominent and oldest television networks, continues to amaze and please viewing audiences with exciting, innovative, entertaining shows. Their fall lineup invariably includes something for everybody; the 2013 lineup is no different. Here is a preview of what is coming up this fall:

The Blacklist

This psychological drama stars the veteran movie leading man James Spader. In The Blacklist, Spader is an ex-government agent gone rogue who decides to turn himself in, offering the FBI his well-rounded assistance in capturing Ranko Zamani, a terrorist long thought to be dead. However, he has one condition; he will only speak with Liz Keen, a newbie on the job fresh out of training in Quantico. In addition to Zamani, Spader, “Red” Reddington, has information on a host of other nefarious crooks, creeps and criminals.

Can Liz and Red work together efficiently? Why has he chosen here? Secrets abound, as do the intensity and subterfuge, in this moving drama.

The Michael J. Fox Show

Taking a page out of Fox’s real life, his character, Mike Henry, once a prominent news anchor, having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, took a break from work for a few years. Now, he’s ready to get back in the saddle again. The only problem is, his family and his old boss have to let him think it was Mike’s idea. Ever the charmer and one of America’s most beloved TV personalities, Michael J. returns in a family comedy that promises to rekindle the Fox flame.


Reviving the show that Raymond Burr popularized from 1967 to 1975, NBC puts Blair Underwood into the role of Detective Robert T. Ironside. A fearless cop determined to undermine the underworld’s hardest criminals. He carries his badge with pride and performs his job with honor.


Proving that old characters never die, even with a wooden stake in their heart, NBC will revive Dracula for what promises to be a gripping, edgy show for the fall season. It stars Jonathan Rhys Myers, Golden Globe recipient for “The Tudors.” This Dracula will be a sexier, more sophisticated, twisted and provocative Dracula than previous versions.

In this inspired version, it is the 19th century and Dracula claims to be an American entrepreneur attempting to light up the night with the newfangled technology called electricity. Unbeknownst to everyone, his real intention is to bring revenge upon those who cursed him centuries ago with immortality. The only bat, …er… fly in the ointment is his unexpected obsession with a mysterious woman who, by all indications, appears to be his dead wife reincarnated.

Expect that this will attract all those viewers that enjoy zombies, werewolves and vampires. This one could be around for awhile, perhaps centuries.

Welcome To The Family

A family sitcom in more ways than one, this “Guess Who’s Coming Home to Dinner, and to Live Here” series brings together families from different sides of the track. Junior: intelligent, motivated and Hispanic, happens to be the expectant father of the unborn child in Molly, a barely-graduated, Caucasian teen with underachievement qualities, yet who has been accepted to college.

The fall season’s new lineup is always anticipated, and this fall season from NBC promises to be filled with laughs, thrills and excitement.

Author Bio: Brooke Brown is a Entrepreneur/Internet Marketing Specialist with a love for sports, music, & fitness.


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