NEED FOR SPEED HEAT Goes Cross-Play In The Last Update


Criterion has released some brilliant news. Need for Speed Heat will now support cross-play! This is the last update for NFS Heat, and this is the way to end the game. I am a tremendous proponent for cross-play and cannot love and appreciate it enough.

If you’re not sure what cross-play is, it means that you and your friends can now play together even if you’re on different consoles or on PC. That’s right, PC, PS4, and Xbox One friends can now play together in the great city of NFS. You just need to turn on the option in the Find Players Menu and then go to the EA Friends tab in the Party Menu to find your friends.

In addition, Criterion also revealed that this is the last update of the game as they are now concentrating on developing the next NFS game. how cool is this new NFS game in the works and they are asking the gaming community for suggestions.

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