Nerf Is Bringing HALO-Themed Weapons

Nerf Halo Weapons

Nerf is bringing iconic weaponry from the world of video games to life and this time they are doing weapons from Halo. They already did weapons from Fortnite and Overwatch. Now, they are bringing us a range of weapons from the world of Halo!

There are three different guns coming out this fall which are the weapons used by Master Chief and The Covenant. First, there’s the Halo MA40 Blaster and it features a clip that holds 10 darts. The blaster also comes with a code to unlock the MA40’s color scheme in the upcoming Halo: Infinite game. It will cost you $50.

There are also two blasters from the Microshot line which will be released in October. There’s the SPNKR, which is based on the UNSC weapon of the same name. This is a one-shot blaster that comes with two darts, and it will sell for $10. Then lastly there’s the Covenant’s Needler. It also comes with two darts and will cost $10.

All Nerf Halo blasters will be available at retailers across the nation from October 1.

Source: Gamespot


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