Nerf Mandalorian Latest Star Wars Rifle is Here!

Nerf Mandalorian Rifle

The Mandalorian introduced many cool guns and gadgets over two seasons of adventure, but the Jawa-killing Amban Phase-pulse blaster is among the most awesome. You’ll soon be able to take a dart firing replica into your garden recreate the scenes from the Star Wars show’s battles, with Nerf’s variant of the weapon.

It will cost you $120 and it is more than four feet long and has the light-up scope and classic Star Wars sounds if you insert two AAA batteries. To fire like Mando, you load a dart, pull back the priming handle, and pull the trigger.

It’ll be available to preorder from 1 p.m. PT Monday, and it will be shipped next fall — that should get it to you in time for the third season of the show.

Seen some actionNot too sharp

Reloading time

Beskar dart

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