NERF Unveiled Its Huge Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher From DESTINY 2

Destiny 2

NERF has made amazing blasters in the past and I enjoy the geek culture replica’s that they deliver. They’ve got a new one that is based on the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from Destiny 2, and this thing is enormous and very cool!

This Nerf LMTD dart-firing blaster replica is inspired by the iconic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from the Destiny video game franchise. Massive in size, measuring more than 4 feet (1 meter) long, the blaster is designed at a 1:1 scale and features sculpted details faithfully replicated from the game. In addition to capturing the look of this overpowering launcher, the Nerf LMTD Gjallarhorn blaster includes the first-ever Nerf Mega dart shells, which each hold 3 Nerf Mega darts and fire 3 darts at a time. Load a shell into the breech, prime, and pull the trigger to send all 3 darts bursting from the blaster. The Nerf Gjallarhorn blaster includes 3 shells and 9 darts. The scope illuminates, adding to the blaster’s impressive visual presentation. It comes in premium showpiece Nerf LMTD packaging, covered with intricate details inspired from Destiny lore.

NERF’s full-scale limited edition Gjallarhorn replica goes up for pre-sale on July 7th for people who have unlocked the weapon in Destiny 2. If there are any left after July 21st, the rest of us can order one too. It will cost you $185.

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