Netflix ‘Dark’ Season 2 Trailer Is a Continuous Loop


Dark, a sci-fi series which revolves around four families trying to solve unexplainable events over the course of many decades, is coming back to Netflix next month. For Season 2, a new Dark trailer teases a more confused and turbulent followup, as all tangled try to break the never-ending mystery cycle. It was an awesome show and I’m sure the second season will also be as good as the first one, if you haven’t seen the show I must recommend you should, it will blow your mind.

Netflix released a new Dark Season 2 trailer on YouTube, which gives fans a sneak peek of the second part of the mind-boggling trilogy show. It all started with the strange disappearance of two young kids, and now, the families are struggling to protect their loved ones from a figure who seems to manipulate events throughout many timelines.

The season 2 trailer started with Jonas Kahnwald, who is stuck in the future and needs to find a way back to 2020. While he’s time-hopping, his friends are trying to understand out how different key character is connected to the unexplainable happenings in their small town. Amid shots of nuclear waste, a rusty mixtape, and a supernatural force, it appears that 1953, 1986, and 2019 are somehow all related to each other, and maybe in the hands of the unknown human who might be managing everyone’s fate.

Dark Season 2 will air on Netflix on June 21.

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