Netflix is More Bigger And Valuable Than Disney And Universal


It is mind-blowing that a company that started out as a DVD mail subscription service in the 90s is now the worlds most valuable media company. According to Variety, Netflix is even more valuable than Disney now! It is amazing and huge. The report explains:

As of 12:15 p.m. ET, Netflix shares were up 1.9%, to an all-time high of $351.09 per share. That gives the company a market cap of nearly $162 billion.

Disney’s stock was down 1.1% in midday trading, to $101.74 per share, yielding a market cap of close to $152 billion.

Netflix shares have risen more than 80% in value. The streaming service has continued to maintain their high rate of growth and right now it stands at having 125 million subscribers worldwide.

Netflix continues making and pump out quality original shows and movies and as earlier reported, by the end of 2018 they will have released 1,000 original projects worth around 6 Billion with a B!. It’s also said that they will have spent around $8 billion on content this year alone.

I want to see how it will be doing after 10 years, it will remain a giant or turn into Blockbuster.

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