Netflix Revealed The Plans to Prevent Password Sharing


There are more details have revealed about Netflix’s looming password-sharing crackdown. The streaming service has added seven questions about the shift in policy to its member Help Center FAQ, which can also be accessed via The Streamble for non-members.

The Netflix Help Center’s new details outline how a member’s account should be shared and how it shouldn’t. Essentially, accounts are still shareable, but only within a single household. And to confirm that devices with access to the account are associated with the designated primary location, Netflix will now ask users to connect to the connected Wi-Fi network once every 31 days to watch something.

That change suggests one potential headache for Netflix subscribers who like to watch content there while traveling. Signing into Netflix outside of your home may lead to the device in use being blocked, though a workaround is possible. People who are on the go and want to sit still with their Netflix account may request a temporary code from the service when signing in–which will grant them access for seven consecutive days.

The amount of devices that can simultaneously access a Netflix account in one location corresponds with the subscription tier:

  • Basic With Ads ($6.99 per Month): 1 Device
  • Basic ($9.99 per Month): 1 Device
  • Standard ($15.49 per Month): 2 Devices
  • Premium ($19.99 per Month): 4 Devices

Last year, Netflix started charging users $3 when someone outside their home accessed an account.

Netflix co-CEO Greg Peters told The Streamable that the company is seeking “thoughtful experimentation to let our members speak to us in terms of what set of solutions work for them.”

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