Netflix Teases Black Mirror Movie

Black Mirror Movie

We all are waiting for the fifth season of Black Mirror and the streaming giant has listed a Black Mirror: Bandersnatch movie. The entry doesn’t tell us much as far as what it’s all about. It does have an odd 5-hour, 12-minute running time though. If that is accurate. Many people are thinking that this is the rumored choose-your-own-adventure show that many have wanted.

The setting may give some clues though. Twitter user Jeeves Williams noted that Netflix appeared to be filming a scene set in the UK circa 1984, the same year ads began for a ZX Spectrum game named Bandersnatch. There’s no certainty that the Netflix movie has any relation to the game, but it seems perfect for Black Mirror.

The now deleted Netflix schedule showed Bandersnatch arriving on December 28th. That’s compatible with Netflix’s latest strategy for the show. It aired season four on December 29th last year, so a release a year later would make sense and seems legit. Fans are anxiously awaiting the new season and a movie would certainly be welcomed as well. We will update you as soon as we hear something new.

Source Engadget

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